Unknowable Numbers

Can numbers exist without being counted. Certain numbers we know exist but change so often they can't be counted. Let's use a song played on the radio. We know there exists an individual that has heard that song more times than anyone else, but we are never sure who that is or how many times they heard it. The individual and the number assigned to them are always in flux.



It's called freetime because no one has to pay you for it, so it's free for them, but what is it worth to you?


Reminds me, I need a haircut.


German Beer Humor

There's a Frenchman, an American, a German and an empty swimming pool. They're each asked what they would like the swimming pool to be filled with. The Frenchman says wine and he dives in, "Ahhh wine!" The American requests the swimming pool be filled with whiskey and he dives in, "Ahhh whiskey!" Finally the German says he'd like it filled with beer and dives in only to see it is still empty. He hears, "Seven Minutes!" as he hits the bottom.
Why this is funny:
What is a good pour? #722698 - Beer Advocate:
The Germans have established standards for pouring different types of beer. Their utmost beer is Pils, and establishments have to follow strict rules to maintain a high rating with the Government regulatory agencies. The main requirement I know of is "7 minutes to pour a pils". I always wondered why it would take so long to get a beer in the hotel restaurant.



When a country loses control of its borders the loss of sovereignty usually follows.

The President's speech last night on immigration reform had these memorable lines.

First, the United States must secure its borders. This is a basic responsibility of a sovereign nation. It is also an urgent requirement of our national security.

Urgency? I fail to see any urgency now almost five years after 9-11. I can't take this administration's "War on Terror" very seriously when we have such open borders that an evil-doer can put a dirty bomb on a wheelbarrow and roll it across the border.

There is no one more paralyzed by terrorism than President Bush.


The Weather and You

When people complain about the weather I reply with a certain smugness about how I'm just glad to be alive. If they continue with the weather, I'll remind them they aren't trapped in a coal mine.


The Society of the Spectacle

I don't think Guy Debord's 1967 book mentioned publicly funded sports stadiums. One thing about living in a society with spectacles is that it's usually left up to the individual whether they want to participate in the spectacle. And most spectacles are self supporting, whether it is a NASCAR race or watching American Idol on television. I've declined watching most spectacles, sporting events bore me, that doesn't mean I begrudge other people who like to watch them.
That is until now. Because now I'm going to be taxed to build multiple stadiums for private businesses whose profits go to private individuals. And this is being done without any referendum vote. Paying for someone else's entertainment, I might as well be paying someone else's cable bill.



There is a house on my block that is home to some severely handicapped individuals. They often cruise the block in their motorized wheel chairs. I'm afraid of them. I've come to believe they can read my mind. You know, when you lose the use of certain things, you gain them in other areas.

For the Sophisticated Gentleman

The Puff and Pull. Even though I've stopped smoking and my life really isn't bad enough that I feel the need to carry booze with me wherever I go, I still want one of these, if just for the sheer perversity of using it in public.

Now if I could just find one of those handgun cigarette lighters I'd be all set.