German Beer Humor

There's a Frenchman, an American, a German and an empty swimming pool. They're each asked what they would like the swimming pool to be filled with. The Frenchman says wine and he dives in, "Ahhh wine!" The American requests the swimming pool be filled with whiskey and he dives in, "Ahhh whiskey!" Finally the German says he'd like it filled with beer and dives in only to see it is still empty. He hears, "Seven Minutes!" as he hits the bottom.
Why this is funny:
What is a good pour? #722698 - Beer Advocate:
The Germans have established standards for pouring different types of beer. Their utmost beer is Pils, and establishments have to follow strict rules to maintain a high rating with the Government regulatory agencies. The main requirement I know of is "7 minutes to pour a pils". I always wondered why it would take so long to get a beer in the hotel restaurant.


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