Getting Lost

I defy anyone to get lost in Minneapolis. It's too easy, Streets run East and West, Avenues run North and South. It's just a big grid. A mostly flat grid.

St. Paul is different. St. Paul can be a very cruel mistress to the misinformed cyclist. Case in point Randolph Ave.

I thought my plan was sound enough, 54th to the bike path to Ft.Snelling then across the Hwy. 5 bridge and into the Hidden Falls Park and Crosby Farms Park trails. And it was beautiful weather, people launching their boats, I saw 2 snakes and an adolescent buck on the path. I exited at the east end of Crosby Farm Park and there began the ordeal. The bike path on Shepard Rd. was closed so I thought I'd head into the city and hook up with less traveled city streets.

Oh Sweet Jesus there were nothing but hills. Hills that went on for miles. I remember thinking to myself, " How do these people live here?" Shoveling snow, walking around the block, it's all up hill. I'd go insane. Block after block up hill. I flashed back to my days in the Army. At Fort Knox there were three hills called Agony, Misery and Heartbreak, that could test any platoon. They've got nothing on St. Paul.

Well I made it back home eventually. Next time I'll take a map, preferably topographic.