Collecting Pens

I collect pens, but unlike most pen collectors I don’t collect fountain pens. A vintage Conklin Senior Endura - Lime Green - Gold Filled Trim-Light Barrel Discoloration- Minor brassing to cap band and end of Clip from 1929 or a Parker Vacumatic Maxima - Black - Gold Filled Trim - striped Cap Jewel-Black End Jewel from 1938 will never find their way into my collection.

Instead I collect pens that are found at the check out counters of various gas stations and grocery stores. They are usually contemporary ball point pens that have been highly decorated with plastic eating utensils or plastic flowers. I feel they are priceless examples of modern folk art.

I have a large collection and each pen is unique. My most prized pen was acquired at a Super America gas station in Litchfield Minnesota in 1998. It is a Bic Round Stic Grip- White Barrel - Black Ink and instead of the usual white plastic spoon, it has taped to it with remarkable craftsmanship using 3M Scotch Magic Tape a white plastic fork. What makes this pen especially rare is that the fork is missing the third tine.


Time Travel

Instead of referring to your cell phone as a cell phone call it a "communicator".
I'm not really sure in which direction this time travel takes you.


Living in an Age of Fear

As a people we are afraid. We are afraid of the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. We are afraid of the weather. We are afraid of the sunshine. We are afraid of noise and light pollution. We are afraid the planet is trying to kill us because of the cars we drive. We are afraid of our government. We are afraid of forigners and we are afraid of each other.

I'm afraid too but not of those things. I'm afraid of stupid people.