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A Film Review

The Short Films of David Lynch
They weren’t short enough.

Advice for Women

"A woman should attempt to be as sympathetic, amused, and understanding of a man's vices as his favorite bar is."
- Dawn Powell 1939


What Do You Do with the Dumb People?

What do you do with the dumb people? A question that should be asked of any political party. Of course the first answer that springs to mind is education. But if you've been through school you know as well as I do some kids were just not going to get any smarter.

This doesn't stop the Democrats from touting education as the panacea that will cure all societies ills. It's about keeping them in the system. Take your pick as to which system, the education system, the court system, the welfare system, the prison system. As long as they can keep them standing in line with the promise of a better tomorrow the process perpetuates itself.

It's much simpler with the Republicans. The question can be answered with one word, Wal-Mart.


Don't Direct Traffic

Just drive. If there was one thing I could change to make the driving experience safer as well as more pleasurable it would be to stop my fellow motorists from directing traffic. You know what I'm talking about, the driver that thinks he is doing you a favor by waving you through an intersection. What that driver doesn't realize is there are traffic laws that govern the movement of traffic and his intervention is not only unwelcome, it's unwarranted.

I'm sure there are drivers that take advantage of the self-appointed traffic cop's seemingly unselfish gesture. I don't. In fact if one waits, the traffic cop's hand signals become larger and more frantic, he thinks you don't see him. That's the perfect time to give him the finger. You should see the look on his face when he realizes not only are you not going to take him up on his offer but you think he's an asshole on top of it. Time stands still for a moment until he realizes where he is and driving his car is what he should be doing instead of directing traffic.