At the Potlach

If you gifted me all your possessions and I refused saying all your stuff was crap, where would we go then?


The Atheist

It isn't so much the atheist refutes the existence of God as he does refute the existence of Christians.



I've never felt bad spending money on
the results of good work.


Rock n' Roll High School

John Bonham is to Keith Moon as
Brian Jones is to ____________.

E-mail me if you can't figure out the answer.


The Christmas Season

The Christmas Season starts after the first snowfall and not a minute sooner, no matter what the retailers say.


Rounding a Straight Line

Rounding a straight line — takes more effort than
falling backwards.


Georges Perec

Without a doubt this man was a skillful author.

But it was slow going in a roundabout way.

For the book that was finally brought to light did not contain an "e".


Counting Thoughts

How many things can you think of?

Well, that's one.

It's one thing to know one's mind, quite another to make a list of its contents.



Of all the planets in the known universe,
ours is the most moist.


"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

I've always wondered why prostitution is illegal and yet it is apparently legal under some ordinance to make an "adult film". Both are sex for money.

Is there some controlling authority that issues a dirty movie license? Does one need a witness? Is there a special stamp or is it a matter of getting a card punched?

I'm trying to see the distinction between the two activities. Perhaps it's the lack of a script or that there is no rehearsal that makes it prostitution. Having seen an adult film I know acting isn't a requirement. It must be the presence of a movie camera. But don't take that as legal advice. I can hear some john telling the Vice Cop, "It's OK officer, my cell phone has a movie function."



In terms of design
— not minimal
— not after any style
— archetypal