A Return to the Wild

I know there is currently a lot of stimulus money looking for a place to be useful so I'd like to purpose a project I would like to see receive funding. I would like to establish a government program that would be dedicated to returning domesticated cows and chickens to the wild. I realize this an ambitious project and it isn't going to accomplish it's goal overnight. If we look at how long it took to domesticate the cows and the chickens we should get some idea of how long it will take to return them to their undomesticated state.

Yes I agree it will be slow going at first and there may be many failures but close your eyes and imagine the magnificent sight of the first wild cow running free across the prairie or how proud we will all be to see a flock of chickens sitting on the low branches of a tree on a summer evening. It we start immediately someday our children's children will hear the lonesome "cluck cluck cluck" of the chicken or the haunting "Mooo" of a cow and realize they are truly in the untamed wilderness.

Let us start this endeavor as soon as possible so these noble animals can take there place along side of wild turkeys and wild boars and return to their feral state.


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