Planing a Vacation North

Living in Minneapolis no one ever thinks of taking a trip north in mid winter. We all congratulate ourselves on being able to drive our vehicles through 4 inches of snow and consider ourselves hardy compared to citizens to our south.

After a few seasons of this one tends to become complacent. Oh sure there are those individuals who snowfall after snowfall still don’t know where to park and are having to make repeated trips to the impound lot, but in a Darwinian sense those people will always make some predator a nice meal.

For the rest of us when a Minnesota winter no longer is a challenge there has to someplace to go and there is.

That’s why I’m planning a vacation to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada in late January. While not quite in the Arctic Circle, Yellowknife offers adventure as well as amenities.
Here are some snapshots.

That last picture is one of the apartments available in Yellowknife. Space is tight so you'd probably have to share it with those two gentlemen.


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