The Jesus Chair

By now most readers of this blog know that if I'm nothing else, I'm an idea guy. If all goes well I should be able to retire off of this one. I've combined two very popular current trends into what I think is going to be a blockbuster novel and/or screenplay.

First take the popularity of The DaVinci Code and throw in biblically based fiction in general. Combine that with the popularity of home decorating, interior design shows and what do you have? The Jesus Chair!

According to Catholic catechism little is known of Jesus' early life before he turned pro. We do know that Joseph was a carpenter. It would not be beyond the realm of speculation to think Jesus might have helped Joseph in his work and a product of that work would be a chair built by the son of God himself. Such a chair would afford a profound sense of love and well being to anyone that sat in it. It would also fit well with any decor. Does the chair still exist? Ah, there hangs the tale to be written.


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