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First off congratulations to Ed Morrissey for his blog Captain's Quarters being cited by Playboy for being among the five winning political blogs. That prompted me to look at Hugh's (that’s Hefner, not Hewitt) magazine and see how well it has aged.

I remember getting into my father’s Playboys when I was nine or ten years old. Kim Novak on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace, Brubeck playing from the hi-fi. While I mixed the martinis in my smoking jacket. I couldn't wait to be an adult. The women back then were good breeding stock, big breasts and wide hips. To this day, I still turn my head if I see a woman wearing pink lipstick or nail polish. And after one, shall we say, overcame his initial excitement, there were interviews with Henry Miller, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Albert Schweitzer.

When I was old enough to actually buy Playboy myself everything had changed, the women were artificial and the interviews were with people like O.J. Simpson and John Denver.

Skip ahead thirty years. It’s really amazing Playboy is being published at all. The advertisers must be desperate to reach anyone in the 18 to 25 male demographic. Desperate seems to be the operative word at Playboy these days. Young girls are still so desperate for fame they’ll screw a spooky old guy like Hef. Unfortunately that never was much of a career starter. But hey girls, don’t run away, hang around and maybe you could meet someone like Bill Maher. Want to know who can’t get layed in Hollywood? Check out The World of Playboy feature in every issue, where we see candid photos of celebrities posing with those adorable bunnies. If you find an issue without Maher consider it collectable. Well maybe we could read some relevant interviews, what exactly is Matt Dameon thinking these days, or James Spader. The current issue reveals George Carlin isn’t dead but is instead giving an interview to Playboy which in the long run is the same thing.


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