A Perfect World

Too many people think a perfect world would be one in which all the women were attractive and all the men were gay.



Everyone knows what dinosaurs sound like because of the movies but no one has ever heard a dinosaur. Belief isn't knowledge.

Free Masonry

I once had a boss that was a Free Mason, so I had an opportunity at the time to become a Free Mason. You have to have a Mason vouch for you to be considered for membership. As an outsider I was naturally curious and had Masonry cloaked with intrigue and conspiracy. So I asked the Mason, suppose we were walking down the street together and both saw a billboard, would he as a Mason see something in the billboard that myself as a non-Mason would miss? He said he wouldn’t. After that I pretty much lost interest in Free Masonry.

Perfection Lost

The perfection of a photograph is now beyond question since every pixel can be manipulated but because of that, no photograph will ever be perfect.


The Real Value of Art

The real value of art is seeing the same thing people long dead saw. You can say that about the sun & moon but it isn't the same.


Where is my Quail Gun?

I can't confirm that Henri Cartier Bresson said, "You don't need a machine gun to shoot quail", but anyone familiar with firearms and photography knows what Henri was talking about. It a finesse thing, not from the bunker thing.

Even in 35mm's hey day these cameras were few and for experts only. Leica made it's reputation on that wisp of a moment it was able to capture faster than any other camera.

After todays digital cameras run through their programed gesticulations they will take a picture, whether that moment is what the photographer intended is up for grabs. Marketing says the photographer will be happy with the image and the engineers will confirm it is an image.

It comes down to what it was designed to do and responsiveness is not a top design priority.