Christmas Day


Voting Blocks

If viewed as voting blocks this pie chart explains a lot about politics.


A Phone That Works

What would you rather have? One of the current do everything cell phones or a phone that is only a phone but works all the time, everywhere, has great sound quality and battery life.

A car that can also make toast is nothing to brag about.


Winter as the Natural State

In Minnesota one would think winter would be seen as the natural state and our brief summer as an aberration but everyone seems to be a bit put off by the early arrival of snow this year. Everyone except the few souls who actually go outside and recreate in the stuff.




Missing Time

This is weird. I just lost twelve hours, well not really lost more like misplaced. After a late lunch I decided to crawl in bed for a long winter nap. Waking up at 6:30 I thought it was Sunday AM, not Saturday PM. I even made coffee and waited for a sunrise that never came.
I haven't done this since I had a job where I worked a twelve hour rotating shift.

32 Cameras

This is a collection of the cameras I've used. They are in chronological order. I owned 18 of them.
I didn't bother to include 126 cartridge, 110, kodak disc or process cameras.

Here's a link to my Flickr page.