Population Comparison

There are more people in the Philadelphia metroplex than in the nation of Denmark. All things considered, I’d rather be in Copenhagen.


The Smaller Dimensions

We can only see the night sky in one dimension.
We can only see the ocean in two dimensions.


Theory on the I 35W Bridge Collapse

While it will be a year or longer before we get the official reason for the I 35W bridge collapse I'd like to put forth the following theory. The water flowing to the Minnehaha Falls was turned off and this angered the Gods.



She is the flower of my thoughts.


Talking to Your Body

Other than athletes few of us talk to our bodies. Some people do during sex. They might have even given the body part they are addressing a proper name.

Our bodies are always talking to us. They never shut up.


Other People's Sex Lives

When people’s sex lives are made public they always seem sad and pathetic but we’d think the same thing about yours.

Writing in a Computer

You write in a computer or to a computer, the computer swallows your words, they are digested. Turn off the computer and they go away. They exist now only in your memory and you hope in the computer’s memory.

But you won’t know that until you turn the computer back on.


The Mystery Reveled!

Marxism’s grand narrative illuminates a lot of thinking.

No matter how transparent everything appears it is never the basis of assumptions.

There are hidden mechanisms within society [the gray area or as Marx sees it consumerism, surplus value and infra/super structure] which need to be reveled in order to expose their workings.

A narrative is then constructed to explain this alternative reality.

It effectively replaces the reality it purports to understand.



You’re either building a gallows or a pulpit.


There are things being done on your behalf. How much of them are you willing to pay for? I can handle health care on my own. I want the government to do my laundry.

It was a Busy Summer



The less you travel the more unique you become.


He was easily misquoted often by less than a sentence.

Baseball Without Numbers

There's nothing I love more than talking about baseball without using any numbers.