To the Batcave!

Everyone looks at the Sixties television show Star Trek as prophetic. They are wrong, well maybe the cell phone thing, but The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and even Get Smart had wireless communication.
The most forward looking Sixties television program was Batman. He had the Bat Computer. It was used as a plot device to move the story along but don't we use the internet the same way? People now have the opportunity to know a lot more than they could have ten years ago. Some of us even have a costume but that's optional.


The Thing Itself

The lease on the car I'm driving ends early next year so I've been paying attention to the cars on the road for a possible replacement. It soon became clear to me that none of the automobiles came close to what my archetypal image of a car is. Plato's forms, the idea of the thing we hold in our heads that refers to the actual thing in front of us. In the case of cars, when you close your eyes and think of a car what do you see?

I see an amalgamation of these three cars.