How Art Works

In the above diagram Figure 1 depicts the traditional pre-modernist approach. A preexisting subject is interpreted by the artist and the result is displayed in the art gallery.

Figure 2 depicts the modernist approach in which the subject is displayed in the art gallery directly with little or no interpretation by the artist beyond the mere editorial process of selection.

Figure 3 depicts the post modern approach in which there is no correlation whatever between what appears in the gallery to it’s origin.

Note that the only cohesive element between the three examples is the art gallery and the little tag that has the artist’s name, the name of the work and the date of its creation.


Considering Beauty

I’ve been thinking about beauty. What it is, do we know it if we see it and should we even care about it.
Here are some personal observations about beauty.

Beauty is impassive– It does not come to us– rather it is up to us to seek it out.

Beauty makes us stop– it transforms us, it makes us better than we are.

Beauty holds us– it’s an affirmation, it comforts us.

Beauty is intrinsic- it is revealed, not created.

Beauty exists– it’s just that it is very small and easy to miss.


Ho, Ho, Whaaaa!