Bubble Music

1. Pour a carbonated liquid into a
glass. This begins the composition.

2. Assign a note to each of the
streams of bubbles that form.

3. A note will be sounded for each
bubble in the stream for the
duration it takes each bubble
to go from it's origin to the top
of the glass.

4. In the event bubbles reach the top
of the glass and do not pop, a chord
of the proper notes will be sounded.
This chord will constantly change
as different bubbles come and go.

5. If bubbles affix themselves
to the side of the glass and
do not move, they should be
treated as rests.

6. The composition is completed
when there are no bubbles left
in the glass.


NASA claims its mission is to explore space but it isn't being honest with itself. What NASA does is explore things in space, moons, planets, suns and whatever else is flying around out there. Space is just the in-between stuff from here to there.

I propose NASA live up to its claim of space exploration and launch the first manned mission to space. They get a crew together, stock the space craft with a lifetime supply of Tang and crossword puzzles, pick a nice empty spot in space and LIFT OFF! Just like Star Trek, boldly going where no man has gone before.

It would be the ride of a life time, in fact it would take a lifetime because there would be no returning, one way only. How bold would it be if they turned around half way and returned to earth? What is the point of that? This exploration is to find out what's out there. No one knows what having human consciousness that far away from earth would be like.

Picking a crew wouldn't be as difficult as you first might think. There would have to be a certain religious element. Maybe some cloistered monks wanting a change of scenery. It might be kind of lonely if you're the last surveying member of the crew but you'd accept that possibility going in. Or how about some Scientologists, wasn't L. Ron a science fiction writer, seems like a perfect fit. They could let John Travolta steer.

So how about it NASA; when are you going to stop being souvenir hunters and start exploring.


Right Now

Things are more like they are right now,
than they have ever been before.