A Fairy Tale for Children

When I was growing up there were people we called adults. Older individuals whose mannerisms we tried to emulate and whose judgment we trusted. Adult's reminded us life was a serious endeavor. Adulthood was something to aspire to.

I'm not sure exactly when the "Violent Unknown Event" took place, but by the end of the Seventies it had done it's work and there were no adults left. Of course there were individuals that still professed to be adults but they were mocked like Joe Friday talking to a hippy. No one in any kind of authority could be seen as having altruistic motives, in fact the very reason they had authority meant they were greedy and corrupt.

Today we just have children of various sizes, some have drivers licenses and some don't.



The value of a fashion can be measured in how long it takes the garment to be considered a costume.


Happy People

The happiest people have learned to accept paradoxes.



We are fast approaching an age in which the only thing worth repairing will be the human body.



I've always suspected those huge Wal-Mart 18 wheelers barreling down the interstate contain only Twinkies, Frisbees, and Mr. Bubble.



I once played dice with a dwarf. I lost but I think he cheated.


Theoretical Physics

I doubt there will much advancement in theoretical physics until the physicists are able to include themselves in the equations.


Unintentional Food

Unintentional food is food you did not buy and did not intend to eat but consume anyway. Free samples at the supermarket are a good example.