Fantasy #46

I'm not in the habit of publicly sharing my private fantasies but this is more of a prelude so I think it's alright. I'm single, and not currently seeing anyone but I think if I ever meet that girl I'd want the first time with her to be special.

I live in Minneapolis where there are many expensive high rise condos with spectacular views. My beloved and I would pose as prospective buyers of said condo and view it with the realtor. At the end of the tour we'd make an offer. "We really like the condo but we'd like to be sure, I mean this is an awful lot of money. Because it's downtown we're worried about not being able to get to sleep. We were wondering if we could spend a night in the condo before we sign the papers. Oh no don't bother, we'll take care of the bed." Then get on the phone to Select Comfort and have them deliver a bed for a free 90 day trail. That's the hard part, then it's just a matter of packing some nice bedding, a picnic basket of goodies, some candles, and some music.

"Oh we just tossed and turned all night. We just couldn't get comfortable. I don't think it's for us. I'm sorry."


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